Dr. Robert Dean to Attend the Starkey Hearing Foundation Gala

Each year the stars align over St. Paul MN, and the supporters and fans of the Starkey Hearing Foundation will come together to celebrate giving the gift of hearing to children throughout the world. At the So The World May Hear gala the spirit of giving will be once again honored, and those who have taken the time to participate and give back to the community will have a spotlight shone upon their generosity. The event is designed to showcase the tremendous impact caring individuals can have on their fellow man and encourages each person to reach for their full potential. The gala celebrates the achievements of those who are willing to work to make the world a better place, people like Dr. Robert Dean, who has been traveling the world with the Starkey Hearing Foundation to give children one of the greatest gifts of all – the gift of hearing.

This year the So The World May Hear gala will take place on July 20th, 2014. Among the humanitarians that will be honored are the Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Forrest Whitaker, Prince Seeiso of Lesotho and Sandi Young with performances by Sammy Hagar and John Legend. Dr. Robert Dean, the Florida-based humanitarian, physician, and journalist will also be in attendance at this year’s gala. The gala has even greater significance this year as it falls on co-founder Tani Austin’s birthday, and founder Bill Austin has committed to matching all donations, up to $100,000 that come in through Tani’s birthday on the 20th of July. This is a fantastic opportunity for people to contribute and have that contribution make an even greater impact.

The Starkey Hearing Foundation has become a global force to help people achieve their full potential. Believing that there is no such thing as a disability, only ability, the foundation has travelled the globe delivering people from a world filled with silence. To date the Starkey Hearing foundation has visited over one hundred countries, partnering with local and international organizations to bring their vision of hearing for everyone to the most remote parts of the world. Over the course of these travels the organization has delivered and equipped over 1.43 million people with hearing aids, opening up the world to people who otherwise were forced to live in complete silence. Countless lives have been changed by the organization and Dr. Robert Dean has felt privileged to participate with on the ground activities.

Despite its celebrity appeal, The Starkey Hearing Foundation has taken a realistic and community-based approach to hearing. As part of its model, the foundation works with local and regional leadership in the community and has been striving to empower local residents to take ownership of their own local hearing health services. The team then approaches each situation in a three-phase model that has worked effectively in over one hundred countries across the globe. First patients are identified, then the patients are fitted with custom made ear molds and taught how to care for and operate their hearing aids, and finally the foundation provides after care services to patients. The aftercare is an ongoing support system that remains in place at a central location, giving patients access to information, batteries, and repair services.

This July, the foundation once again hopes to highlight the contribution of those who make a difference in the world. Previous honorees have included President Bill Clinton, Sir Richard Branson, Ashton Kutcher, and Mohammed Ali. Dr. Robert Dean will be attending the event and this year’s gala promises to have a host of deserving people, who for a moment are given the spotlight of a grateful world.